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Girls bash disabled boy in shocking video

A parent has committed to taking their child out of a northern suburbs school after a video of a student being bashed implicated at least one student from the school.

The shocking video showed three girls violently attacking one boy, who is reportedly disabled. He is punched several times and kicked on the ground while the girl filming laughs.

One girl appears to be wearing a Playford International College uniform.

During the video, the male attempts to stand up and the female attackers demand the password to his mobile phone.

He is then beaten to the ground again while one attacker unleashes with all the foul language available to her.

When the video emerged, one parent of a student at the same school made it very clear of her intentions.

“My sons first week in Playford and he is autistic. This video has simply lost my trust in the school. Im not taking him back there,” she wrote on Channel 9 Adelaide’s Facebook page.


The state education department confirmed to Nine that although the incident occurred outside of school grounds, they are making enquiries to identify the students involved. South Australia Police also confirmed they are investigating the attack.

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