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Four-Year-Old Vomiting Green Slime After Alleged DV Injuries

A four-year-old boy died from internal bleeding after vomiting "green slime' and saying his stepdad had punched him in the stomach, a court has heard.

Tyrell Cobb was found unconscious at his Gold Coast home on May 24, 2009 and was later pronounced dead in hospital.

He had suffered 70 injuries, including a trauma to his abdomen which caused an "extensive" rupture to his intestine and internal bleeding.

Pathologist Dr Beng Beng Ong said the bruises and abrasions on his body were of "varying ages".

His mother Heidi Strbak, 33, and her ex-partner Matthew Scown, 33, are facing a committal hearing at Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with murder.


Photo: Tyrell Cobb's mother Heidi Strbak outside of court this week. Photo: AAP One

Tyrell died from internal bleeding and peritonitis - inflammation caused by an infection of the ruptured organ.

His uncle, Danial Allan, said he was "just not well" and "covered in bruises" on his head and arms the day before he died.

The following day he was "sluggish" and "throwing up green slime", he added.

Tyrell told his uncle on the day he died that "Matthew had punched him in the stomach" and showed Mr Allan a bruise above his genitals.

When he asked Strbak about Tyrell's injuries she said they "happened at kindy".

On another occasion Tyrell showed his grandmother, Diane Strbak, a bruise on his body and told her "Matt kicked me", the court heard.

Ms Strbak said: "I said why would he kick you and he said 'I wee on the carpet'."

Mr Allan claimed Strbak, his stepsister, was "stoned as a parrot all the time" and should be jailed for not noticing her son's injuries.

He added: "Someone should be locked up for it, if not one then both of them.

"Kids just don't die and throw up green s*** every day of the week do they?"

Scown was previously charged with murder but this was dropped in 2010 because of insufficient evidence.

Police reviewed the case years later after being made aware of the evidence Tyrell had told his uncle that Scown punched him.

Detective Sergeant Marcus Edwards said Strbak had been reluctant to talk to officers and did not appear to want the investigation reopened.

The committal hearing continues.


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