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Football President Slammed After Sexist Tirade

The president of a Western Australian football club is in hot water after labelling the AFL’s first-ever female umpire a ‘dopey mole.’

Dale Simmons, club president for the Cervantes Tiger Sharks, launched his appalling tirade aimed at the 25-year-old on social media. 

“(She) failed to pay a mark to (Kurt) Mutimer in the first quarter less than 10m away from her with a clear view,” he posted on Facebook.

“Does the dopey mole know that you are allowed to take it one-handed if you want? The deliberate she paid against Darling when he handballed 30m down the line and the ball took a wrong turn went out shows she’s a long way off. Her bouncing is another story.”

While Eleni Glouftsis admitted to being disappointed by a few of her bounces on Etihad’s unforgiving turf, many called for the bounce to be eradicated all-together to encourage other female umpires to sign up.

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan slammed Simmons’ comments, labelling them “sexist.”  He said umpires shouldn’t have to deal with that abuse.

“People who hold these attitudes should not be leaders in football clubs,” he said.

“Eleni Glouftis is a professional umpire and should be able to do her job without this kind of personal and sexist abuse.

“The AFL has contacted the WA Football Commission to find out what action they will take.”

It's not the first time the club president has made disgusting comments about the females footy community. He also took to Facebook to rubbish the AFLW before the Grand Final. 

“I will definitely be watching the women’s grand final today on TV to just make sure the s*** is finished and off my TV,” he posted on Facebook.

“Apparently they want equal pay and I totally agree with them.

“They should get the same as the men (getting) $25.13 per hour working for Mustard Catering selling hot dogs and pies and a bit more on Sunday.”

The WAFC will determine Mr Simmons fate. It will discuss the matter with the WA Country Football League to ensure the appropriate action is taken and a clear message is sent that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. 

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