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Female Doctors In Melbourne Being Targeted By Sex Predator

Female GPs in Melbourne are being warned about a convicted sex predator who is making appointments with only women and putting the doctors in inappropriate situations.

The Australian Medical Association Victoria issued warnings in August and again in early December, claiming that the safety of female Doctors in Melbourne is at risk by the criminal.

"AMA Victoria has been contracted by some of our GP members who work in Melbourne's northern suburbs. We understand that several female GPs have been exposed to unacceptable behaviours by a particular male patient," said President Lorraine Baker in a statement.

"This person specifically requests to see female GPs. It is alleged that this person has a sexual offence record. The police have been informed, but appear limited in their powers to assist."

Dr Baker has also said that GP clinics are typically safe places but the risk lies in one-on-one appointments.

The original warning was made by AMA Victoria after it became aware that the 40-year-old was making appointments with only female doctors.

"The male usually rings and says: 'Dr X has seen me in the past and can I make another appointment to see her'," the statement read.

It is believed that the convicted man lives at a sex offender facility at Corella Place, Ararat.

A spokeswoman from Corrections Victoria has said in a statement that they closely monitor and supervise all sex offenders out on bail to make sure that they live by the conditions set by the courts.

"This is a civil scheme for individuals who have completed their time in jail and would otherwise be in the community with no supervision at all," the statement read.

"The management of serious sex offenders has been strengthened in recent years, with police and Corrections Victoria given stronger powers to manage offenders in the community.

"Work is currently underway to implement reforms to the post-sentence regime which will provide even greater protection for the community from our most serious offenders."

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