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February, March & April Set To Be Cooler & Wetter Than Ever

You may be sweltering through a hot Christmas and New Year period, but as we’ve heard, it’s not to last.

La Nina is set to bring the cold and the rain - and now we know when.

After enjoying a mostly hot January; but February, March and April are set to be filled with rain and cooler weather, thanks to the La Nina event.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued the La Nina alert, saying there’s THREE times the normal chance of the event which generally brings a truckload of rain.

The tropical Pacific Ocean is showing a typical La Nina pattern, but ocean temperatures will stay cooler than average so it is less likely to drive widespread rain.


BOM senior hydrologist Dr Paul Feikema said: “While La Nina looks likely during summer, it’s expected to be short-lived and have less effect on rainfall and temperatures than recent La Nina events.”

Temperatures will be cooler in the last two months of summer compared with the scorching start to 2017.

The only areas likely to remain warmer than average are far southwestern and southeastern Australia, including Tasmania. Enjoy it while you can, guys.


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