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Father Locks Toddler In Car Boot For Being 'Naughty'

Vision has been released of a father locking his two-year-old son in the boot of his car before driving off in Beijing.

The man told local authorities that the toddler was being 'naughty' while sitting in the car, and at one point, tried to grab the steering wheel. 

The video - which was caught by a passing motorist - was uploaded to determine whether the driver was a human trafficker, prompting a police investigation. 

According to local media, the eyewitness told police that several cars were waiting for the green light when the man suddenly stormed out of his vehicle, holding the child.

Mr Zhu explained to officers that he was taking his son out by himself that day, and the child began to throw a tantrum in the car. He wanted to teach him a lesson so put him in the boot.

To make things even worse, his son wasn't even in a car seat. 

While officers didn't charge the man, they have suggested he buy a car seat for his son.

Mr Zhu has since expressed his regret for his behaviour. 

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