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Fabrizio From Titanic Is A Total Babe Now

Guys, we REALLY need to talk about Jack's BFF on the Titanic - Fabrizio.

Remember him? This guy...

Well, the now 49-year-old actor who played him - Danny Nucci, is a total SILVER FOX now.

Nucci has had a wonderful career since dying on the Titanic, including roles on CastleNCIS and The Fosters.


Even though he is lovely, it's not the actual reason we brought him to you today.

In an interview with Vanity Fairthe actor spoke about his time on the film to mark 20 years since it was released (we feel so old).

Nucci was "completely heartbroken" when it was time for the big premiere! The bulk of his scenes had been cut from the film. 

“The first time I saw it, that was the predominant part of the experience,” he said. “When I saw it the second time, I was able to see the scope of what Jim had done. . . . It was pretty amazing.”

While we all saw our friend Fabrizio's death by smoke-stack, his original death - which was cut from the film - was waaaaay more dramatic.

Fabrizio actually survives the sinking (AH MAH GHAD) and then swims to the lifeboat carrying the film's villainous fiancee of Rose, Cal (Billy Zane). He then gets SMACKED over the head by an oar and says: “It’s that way.”

 “As I float away, the lifeboat slowly [disappears] into the gray,” Nucci told Vanity Fair. “It was one of the scenes that drew me to the role. But after seeing the movie, I understand, because it’s just on and on with Cal. We get it; Cal is awful.”

WOW. Heart. Broken.

Of the iconic "King of the world" scene with Leo, he said: “It was just me and him up on this giant platform, and the wind was blowing and it was freezing cold and it was the morning, and I don’t think we’d eaten,” Nucci recalled. “I had to pee, he had to pee; he’s hungry, I’m hungry; he’s cold, I’m cold. We don’t have anything up there other than our characters’ clothes. And so in this scene, [our characters] are the happiest we have ever been in our lives, and the world is in front of us, and the minute they said, ‘Cut,” we would be miserable.

Well there you have it.

This film. Get's me every time.

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