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Euthanasia Bill Enters The Upper House For Debate

After a long and heated debate in the lower house, the Euthanasia Bill is now set to enter Victoria's upper house.

A second reading speech for the bill is set to be given today by Gavin Jennings, Leader of the government in the Legislative Council, before the debate begins on Thursday.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy has said that the government will keep an "open mind" to the amendments and safeguards proposed by those MP's that have shown concern towards the bill.

James Purcell, an independent MP has shown support for an assisted dying bill as long as changes are made to reduce the eligible life expectancy timeframe and to have a patient's doctor included throughout the process.

The government will need 21 out of a possible 40 votes in order to get the bill approved. There are currently five upper house MPs that have not publicly confirmed their stance on the bill.

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