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Elwood Beachgoers Furious At “Out-Of-Control” Jet Skiers

A group of jet ski riders has courted controversy at Elwood beach for getting too close to comfort to swimmers.

Local Robyn Fisher posted a photo to Facebook with multiple commenters complaining they were “out of control” and had “no place amongst swimmers and beachgoers”.

While it’s clear that many were furious at the jet skiers, some came to their defence saying they were driving at a sufficiently low speed.

Elwood Life Saving Club president David Rylance said

“We get a lot of jet skis down in our area and we as lifesavers do our best to educate them,” he said.

“If they don’t adhere (to our instructions), then we contact the water police.”

Jet skis are explicitly banned from some areas and permitted to drive at five knots in others.

Police can slap jet ski riders with a $322 fine if found to be in a prohibited area.


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