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Eddie Betts Surprises Suburban Footy Club

Eddie Betts has surprised A suburban local footy club, joining the team at training last night.

The star Adelaide Crows forward gave the Div 5 Lockely’s football team the surprise of their life when he sought out the team’s coach to ask if he could join training.

The club revealed the small forward had been set a training schedule to follow during the bye week to maintain sharpness and needed someone to have a kick with.

The coach revealed to the Advertiser that while it was a bit of a shock for the team, when he asked for a run they couldn’t say no.

“The boys got a bit of a buzz out of it. He went through the warm-up and some of the lane work but left after about 45 minutes, saying he had to go.”

The Lockley’s Football Club said he’s welcome to come back anytime for a kick.



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