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Dusty's Fight To Get His Dad Back To Australia

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says he will not change his decision to allow AFL champion Dustin Martin's exiled father back into Australia as the family prepares for a final push to overturn the deportation order.

Martin's dad Shane, who has lived in Australia since he was 20, was deported to New Zealand late last year because of his links to the Rebels motorcycle club, missing his son's grand final win as the Tigers claimed their first flag since 1980.

"It's easily the hardest thing that I've had to go through," Dustin Martin told the Seven Network.

"It's just helplessness, an empty feeling. You know, everyone wants their parents to be in their lives, so it's extremely hard.

"I'd swap most things I've got at home to get him back. All the medals."

The family say they have hired a legal team and are prepared to take the fight all the way to the high court.

"I've done nothing wrong mate. Not to warrant deportation," Shane Martin said.

"I just sit there by myself most days and think what have I done, you know."

Mr Dutton said he based the decision to deport Shane Martin on information that is not publicly available.

"I have information that is provided by the intelligence agencies and by law I am prohibited from giving you the detail," Mr Dutton said.

"I've made a decision which I am not going to change. I made a decision based on all the facts and I believe it is the right decision."

Shane Martin says Mr Dutton won't share the intelligence "because there is none" and labelled him "an evil man with a hidden agenda".


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