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Driver Who Abused Cyclists For Taking Up Road Faces Charges

Police are investigating a man who videoed himself yelling out his car window at a group of cyclists.

The man is heard calling the pair 'f***ing d***heads' for not using the bike path that he has decided to (illegally) drive on, while the cyclists take up the narrow road.

The irate motorist was driving down Swamp Road, between Dunmore and Jamberoo on NSW's south coast.

'What's the point of us spending this money if you're not going to use it, you f**king d***heads,' he shouts

'Pull over, so I can have a chat,' one of the cyclists replied.

'F*** off, f***ing idiot... use the bike track!' the driver shot back.

The video was posted to Facebook page CarMafia and credited to Thomas Harris.

A spokeswoman for NSW Police told Daily Mail Australia: 'Police are aware of the video and are conducting inquiries', and confirmed driving in a bike lane is against the law - as is driving while filming on a mobile phone. 

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