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Dozens of Passengers Removed From Overweight Qantas Flight

Dozens of passengers have been removed from a Qantas flight after the aircraft was found to be too heavy to fly.

According to consumer advocacy group CHOICE, more than passengers on flight QF569 from Sydney to Perth we’re asked to disembark the aircraft.

One passenger on board explained that, by the time the aircraft was cleared to take off the plane was full of empty seats.

This entire procedure lead to the flight being delayed for more than an hour.

A Qantas spokesperson explained to CHOICE that a fuel pump issue affect the planes load reading,

"A number of customers were reaccommodated onto the next available service..., which departed shortly after,"

"We sincerely thank our customers for their patience and understanding."

This follows an number of complaints that have since lead to the ACC looking into ‘airline practices’ in Australia.

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