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Dolphin Dies After Being Passed Around For Selfies


People are devastated this morning after learning that an innocent dolphin has died after being passed around for ‘selfies’.

The dolphin washed up on an Argentinian beach and was picked up by beach-goers who passed it around taking photos with it.

In a barbaric move, the dolphin was still being passed around as it overheated and died in people’s hands.

They then left it in the sand.

The Argentine Wildlife Fund said that the dolphin was a Francisican or Plata, one of the smallest varieties of cetaceans on the planet.

There are said to only by 30,000 left in the world.

The fund appealed to the public to return these - and any marine animals - to the sea as possible if they wash up.

The recovery of the species is difficult because the females have a very narrow fertility window.

Source: The Journal

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