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Disgraceful Crime Committed At Iconic Melbourne Charity

A disgraceful burglary has left police and community members absolutely fuming. 

Lentil As Anything, a pay-as-you-please charity restaurant, has been ransacked by burglars at their Thornbury location. 

Restaurant workers returned on Wednesday to find two safes, an iPad and a set of keys stolen - with the total value lost estimated at over $5000, a crippling amount of money for the operation. 

Footage of the burglary was captured on CCTV, and showed a masked perpetrator breaking in at about 5:30am before prying open a garage roller door and taking the safes (after multiple failed attempts to open it). 

Manager Dayle Jones spoke of the devastating impact on staff morale and financial viability. 

“Every week we struggle to get across the line, quite often we don’t,” she said.

“We’ve got outstanding bills, invoices, we’ve got people chomping at the bit to get paid.

“People on average pay three or four dollars for a meal. I look at my chefs in the kitchen and that crushes me because of the heart and soul and love and enjoyment they put in. And they do it every day.”

An investigation into the burglary is underway and police are appealing for any information. 

“We can replace lentils, we can replace the money but at the end of the day it’s about my people and my crew,” Ms Jones said.

“For whatever reason (the offender) felt they needed it more. But if we could get our keys back to unlock our donation box, that would be great.”

Anyone with information should contact Darebin CIU at Preston Police Station on 9479 6111.

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