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Diesel Spill At Melbourne Hospital

Fire crews were called to Melbourne's Warringal Private Hospital yesterday afternoon after reports of a diesel spill.

Staff were forced to turn patients away and send them to other hospitals due to safety concerns.

It is believed that the cause of the 700 litre fuel spill was a mechanical malfunction inside the pump room of the Burgundy Street building.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade have said that the diesel was leaking into the fourth floor of the hospital from the roof.

"Crews are attempting to contain the spill and stop it spreading," the statement read.

The hospital was not accepting any more patients at the time and around 16 current patients were relocated to nearby hospitals as fire crews worked to clean up the spill.

Emergency services have now deemed the situation to be under control, however, they are still monitoring the amount of fumes that have been leaked.

"Everything else is safe and we are now working to clean the roof areas," a hospital spokeswoman has said.

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