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Daddy Long-Legs Spider Wins Battle With Deadly Brown Snake

(Picture - Patrick Lees)

A New South Wales farmer has captured an amazing photo of the aftermath of a battle to the death between a Daddy Long-Legs Spider and a Brown Snake.

The photo shows the spider victoriously stringing up its one metre long prey:


Farmer Patrick Lees told the ABC he found the snake on his property at Weethalle, near West Wyalong in central New South Wales, on the weekend. He said it was the first time he had seen a spider kill a snake.

"I've heard about it, but I've never seen it, let alone a daddy-long-legs," Mr Lees said.

The Australian Museum's Spider Guru Graham Milledge said it was quite a distinct possibility that spider was responsible for taking out the snake.

"The most likely scenario is that the snake got entangled in the spider's web. Usually what happens then is the spider will try to wrap the snake and then they'll bite it," Mr Milledge said.

The daddy long-legs spider is listed as carnivorous and predatory, however the venom is not particularly potent – despite the urban myth that it is one of the world's most poisonous.

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