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$35,000 Raised For Homeless Hero In Bourke Street Attack

During a time of crisis, it truly is amazing to see how the Aussie spirit can rise up above all and prove that true humanity still exists.

And after the entire country stood still on Friday afternoon as a terrifying terrorist attack took place on Bourke Street in Melbourne, it was beautiful to see so many people chip in to raise money for a selfless hero that helped police take down the attacker.

In a matter of just 15 hours, more than $35,000 has been raised for a homeless hero, dubbed the ‘trolleyman’, after vision emerged of him using a trolley to stop Hassan Khalif Shire Ali from slashing police officers with a knife.

Over $130,000 Raised For Homeless Hero Who Took On Bourke Street Attacker With A Trolley

The man has since been named as Michael Rogers, and he has been praised by police and many people online for his incredible bravery.

A GoFundMe page was established by CEO and founder of Melbourne Homeless Collective Dona Stolzenberg in order to raise money for Mr Rogers.

“On November 9 2018 an incredible man named Michael Rogers from Melbourne, now known as ‘Trolleyman’, put his own life at risk to stop a terrorist who was on a rampage,” wrote Ms Stolzenberg on the page.

“Mr Rogers bravely shoved a shopping trolley at the terrorist in an attempt to assist police in his capture.

“We’ve since learned that our hero ‘Trolleyman’ is homeless and that his phone was destroyed in the incident. We believe his efforts deserve a reward that can really help him out.”

The original goal for the page was to raise $15,000 but in a matter of just 15 hours the GoFundMe page had raised an impressive $35,000 and continues to rise.

On Friday afternoon, 46-year-old Rogers used a trolley to repeatedly ram the 30-year-old Somalian man who had gone on a rampage, stabbing three people and killing one.

Mr Rogers was found sitting on a bench just 500 metres from the scene of Friday’s attack and he told 7News that he didn’t see himself as a hero.

“I’ve seen the trolley at the side and so I picked it up and ran,” he explained while imitating the action of pushing the trolley.

“I threw the trolley straight at him and I got him. I didn’t quite get him down though. I did that motion quite a number of times but it just wasn’t getting him down.”

Mr Rogers’ phone was shattered during his efforts to fight off the attacker, but the humble man said that it was a small price to pay to help the innocent victims. Since footage of Mr Rogers’ efforts went viral, people have sent an outpouring of support and messages to him online.

“Extraordinary and humbling. So many people look upon the homeless (if they even look at all) with disdain and, sometimes, even fear, yet this man, who doesn’t even have a home, risked the only thing he has - his life - to keep strangers safe’, said one person.

“Trolley man is everything great about Australia. He’s not running away. He’s helping in a crisis, and he’s doing it in a ridiculous but effective way,” wrote another.

Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, a 30-year-old known to authorities for his radical views, parked a four-wheel drive laden with gas cylinders on Bourke Street on Friday and stabbed three men, killing one.

However the family of the attacker have said the man had mental health problems in a note to reporters.

"Hassan suffered from mental illness for years and refused help. He's been deteriorating these past few months," a note given to the Nine Network showed.

"Please stop turning this into a political game. This isn't a guy who had any connections with terrorism but was simply crying for help," it read.

Shire Ali was shot in the chest by a police officer he threatened with a knife and died in hospital.

Federal police said the attacker had his passport cancelled in 2015 amid fears the Somali-born man would go to Syria.

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