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Crocodile Spotted In Driveway Following Townsville Floods

Residents in Northern Queensland are currently battling once in a century monsoon weather and record rainfall, but it’s not just the water that they need to be worried about!

As flood waters and inundate up to 20,000 homes Townsville, residents are being warned to keep an eye out for crocodiles that might have become displaced in the severe weather after one was spotted on a driveway!

The crocs were spotted in the residential neighbourhood of Mundingburra just before 10pm last night, with one person posting a photo of one sitting in the water on her driveway to social media.

“Croc out the from of my dads place in mundingburra, O’Rielly street, Ross River Road end,” wrote Facebook user Erin Hahn. “Cannot stress it enough to stay out of the water.”

As the water reaches waist-deep in some areas with no signs of the rainfall slowing down, residents are being warned to be vigilant while wading through the flood affected areas.

Forecasters are now worried that a tornado could form in the region in the coming days as monsoonal conditions and strong winds continue.

The town was forced to open the floodgates to the overflowing Ross River Dam on Sunday, leaving a wall water flowing into the community and the river itself.

The Ross River at Aplin Weir was measured at 3.11 metres on Sunday night, with authorities expecting it to continue to rise another four metres.

The record breaking rainfall has dropped a whopping 1012mm on the area in just seven days, beating the city’s previous record of 886mm back in 1998.

In the next few days, parts of north and central Queensland could get another half a metre to a metre of rainfall.

Police, rescue crews and soldiers have been sent in to help those affected by the floods.

Authorities have advised Townsville residents who have remained in their homes to have a plan in place and be ready to leave if necessary.

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