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Could This Melbourne Suburb Be About To Get It's Own COSTCO?

A 17-year-old Melburnian has launched a campaign to get Costco to open in Carrum Downs.

Phillip Spathopolous believes that the abandoned Masters building in Lathams Road is the perfect site, according to the Herald Sun.

Spathopolous also spoke with the Daily Mail, saying 'I started the campaign, in the hopes of seeing new improvements in my local area and to see an increase in local jobs,' 

'Masters [in] Carrum Downs was always consistently busy with customers and now that it's empty it seems to be like an abandoned area. 

'I've selected Costco in particular due to the fact, it will help many large families and locals to buy in bulk products for reasonable pricing. 

'I have not received a call from Costco headquarters as of yet.

'I'm aiming to receive 2,000 signatures for the campaign [from]. 

'The next step to receiving the 2,000 signatures, would be for Costco head office to receive these signatures and to discuss further with them about the project and hopefully move on towards the next stage.'

A total of 63 Master's stores, a home improvement chain once operated by Woolworths Limited was closed for good in December.

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