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CODE BROWN! Melbourne Cabbie Caught..Uh...Dumping On Street

Now we’ve heard of illegal dumping, but this is next level!

A taxi driver has been stung with a $645 fine for doing a number two over a nature strip and footpath near Fletchers Road in Chirnside Park.

Lilydale Police were “left dumbfounded” last week while discovering the poopetrator red-handed while on night patrol.

The Yarra Ranges Police described the entire situation in detail on their Facebook page:

"We have a Code Brown. I repeat, we have a Code Brown......."

Lilydale Police was left dumbfounded on night shift last week after patrolling Fletchers Rd, Chirnside Park.

Rounding a bend with the high beams on, the members came across their own full moon, observing a 27 year old taxi driver doing his business over the nature strip and footpath.

At this time the only thing going in his favour was that he was pre-armed with a roll of toilet paper.

After handing the man an evidence bag to collect his own deposit, he was handed an infringement for offensive behaviour to the value of $645. (Does that make it a poo ticket?)

Needless to say this behaviour is not tolerated and any future offenders will be prosecuted. (Surely we don't need to issue a warning reminding people not to do this.....)”

We still can’t decide if it was too harsh, or not harsh enough...

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