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Child Snatched By Stranger In Melbourne Shopping Centre

A young girl was allegedly snatched by a man with autism from her family in a busy Melbourne shopping centre.

The four-year-old was sitting with her family in the food court of the Northland Shopping Centre in Preston, when a man grabbed her and ran 50 metres, according to witnesses who spoke to the Herald Sun.

A witness described the little girl’s scream as ‘blood curdling.'

'He was running incredibly fast, dodging the tables, going towards the exit,' she said.

'The mother was beside herself,' she added.  

A member of the public quickly chased the man and after a quick scuffle, the young child was retuned to her father.

The police were not called as the man had autism and it’s not clear if he would have known what the was doing.

Police are now investigating the incident, and a man was interviewed before being released without charge.

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