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CHARGED: MCG Teen Brawler Thug To Face Jail Time

 The thugs involved in a horrific brawl at last week's AFL season opener have been charged by police. 

The shocking footage went viral and resulted in Sam Bevan-Shannon, a 19-year-old, slapped with a $322 fine for riotous behaviour. 

Three men, including the 19-year-old, will now be charged with affray which faces a maximum five-year prison sentence.

“There will be a highly visible presence at sporting matches each weekend in public, membership and corporate areas,” Supt Clayton said.

“Tens of thousands of sporting fans attend matches every week. The vast majority support their team and enjoy the atmosphere safely and responsibly.

“Victoria Police treats poor behaviour at sports matches very seriously, and on occasion there are a few individuals who choose to do the wrong thin

“People will be held accountable for their actions. Anyone found to be drunk, assaulting someone or engaging in an affray at sporting matches can expect to be arrested by police and put before the court.

“Upon conviction, police will consider making an application for Exclusion Orders which can see people banned from licensed premises for two years.

“Those doing the wrong thing may also be ejected from the ground, along with a consideration of being banned from the venue or attending the sporting code.”

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