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Busy Melbourne Street Set To Be CLOSED Every Night

A popular St Kilda beach-side street could be locked up in a ploy to stop goons using it for street racing and burnouts.

Senior Sergeant Pat Ryle said police were uninundated with calls and complaints about hoon drivers on Pier Road between Catani Gardens and the foreshore.

Mayor Bernadine Voss said the council were considering putting gates on Pier Rd (at Beaconsfield Pde), and locking them overnight.

“This option ... would be subject to funding availability and consultation with groups reliant on the use of Pier Rd,” she said.

“(The council) takes this dangerous behaviour seriously and has been exploring potential solutions with police.”

A resident also commented on Facebook saying that their home was “regularly disturbed by late night hooning” during summer.

Anyone who witnesses hoon activity should call 000.

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