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Firefighters Tackle Out-Of-Control Blaze In Gembrook

Firefighters have worked tirelessly overnight to stop the the spread of an out-of-control bushfire at Gembrook.

More than 50 crew members were called at around 2:30 pm yesterday to Bunyip State Park, 65 kilometres east of Melbourne.

By 7pm, the massive blaze had already destroyed 26 hectares of land, however, no threat was made to residents or their homes.

Firefighters were assisted by helicopters and fire surveillance aircrafts, and the crew managed to use bulldozers to build a perimeter around the fire, stopping it from spreading.

"The fire, which started around 1pm today [22nd November], burnt through 26 hectares of forest before crews stopped its spread near Burgess Road," said Incident Controller Nigel Brennan.

Advice for the Gembrook community and local residents can be accessed at

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

This comes as temperatures throughout Victoria continue to soar and the 150 year temperature record for November is set to be broken.

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