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Brace Yourself Melbourne Flood Warnings Are In Place

Flood warnings have been issued and are in place for much of the east of Victoria this evening as rain continues to batter the state.

Emergency services have been called to a number homes across Gippsland where up to 100mm is expected to have fallen by the end of the night.

Orbost in East Gippsland has been on the end of 59mm of rain, which is the states highest rainfall.

It may come as a surprise to Melbourne residents that we only received 2.9mm of rain today even though there was a constant drizzle.

The forecast for Melbourne isn't looking so great though, with the rain set to stay all week and temperatures not exceeding 15 degrees. 

Friday will be our coldest day of the year so far, with temperatures going nowhere above 11 degrees.

Currently there are no flood warnings in place for the city but if the forecast changes, they may be likely.

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