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Australia's Newest Transport Service Launches In Melbourne

In what's being called 'Uber for Bikes', a brand new transport service run by Scooti, wants to move Melburnians around.

Scooti is an app-based scooter taxi service and has just launched in Melbourne, with the app due to be running at 100% within the month.

Scooti's founder and CEO Cameron Nadi spoke with the Herald Sun ahead of the launch.

“The main advantage of Scooti is, of course, getting where you want to go sooner,” he said. “Two wheels have a distinct advantage in busy traffic.

“Melbourne’s transport issues are an ongoing problem but the city’s commitment to innovation is also real and we’re here to be part of the solution.”

Mr Nadi gained inspiration from cities around the world like Amsterdam, Florence and Hong Kong where scooter taxis are already commonplace.

The Scooti service will be tested in more congested parts of Melbourne before starting in April as planned.

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