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Man Caught With Drugs In Bali Sentenced To 10 Months' Rehab

An Australian man who faced up to 15 years in an Indonesian prison for bringing drugs into Bali has avoided jail altogether.

Joshua James Baker, 32, was instead sentenced to 10 months in a Bali rehab centre, less about 4 months for time already served.

In October, the Queenslander's "nervous and suspicious" behaviour had been flagged by a customs officer shortly after Baker touched down in Bali.

He was found with 28 grams of marijuana mixed with tobacco as well as 37 tablets of the prescription drug Diazepam. He did not have a script for the Diazepam.

Baker had escaped police custody after his arrest and was captured 12 hours later in Bali's Canggu district.

The judge accepted that Baker was addicted to anti-anxiety medication, suffered from depression and is bi-polar. He won't be allowed to leave Bali until his rehab is complete.

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