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Australia Has Voted YES But What Happens Next?

Today, 15th November 2017, is a day for the history books in Australia.

Australian's were given the opportunity to vote in the same sex marriage postal survey, and today we were given the result. The majority of Australian's have voted YES to same sex marriage.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics made the announcement at 10am on Wednesday that 61.9 per cent of people who voted, had said yes.

But sadly that does not mean that gay people can go and get married today, so what happens now?

The survey results will be handed over to the Federal Parliament and it will be up to them to debate any legislation regarding same sex marriage.

It is believed that this process could begin as early as Thursday with two very different bills expected to be presented.

WA LIberal Senator Dean SMith's bill will attempt to present a balance between allowing same-sex couples to marry and protecting religious rights.

In comparison, Victorian Liberal Senator James Paterson's bill will have extra "protections" included in the legislation which would argue that religious protections should be extended to private businesses or non-religious others involved in marriages.

However, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed this conservative bill, saying that it has very small chance of success.

Despite all of the legal procedures that are still to come, Federal opposition Leader Bill Shorten has spoken out while celebrating after the 'yes' announcement this morning, saying that gay Australians should be able to marry as soon as December.

"Yes, yes, yes", Mr Shorten shouted at a same-sex marriage result gathering in Melbourne.

"It may have been 61 per cent who voted yes in the survey, but I want to say to all LGBTIQ Australians you are 100 per cent loved, 100 per cent valued, and after two weeks of parliament, 100 per cent able to marry the person that you love.

"Today we celebrate, tomorrow we legislate."

This story is far from over, but as for today, I could not be me proud to be an Australian. Love is love.

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