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Aussie Refugee Footballer Free To Return Home To Melbourne

Hakeem al-Araibi will return back to Melbourne after being released from Thai jail.

The Aussie footballer is a Bahranian refugee who was detained in Thailand for allegations he vandalised a police station in his home country during the April Spring.

The allegations have been widely criticised by the international community as there is video footage of him playing football at the time the offence was supposed to have taken place.

He was detained in Thailand after flying to Bangkok for his honeymoon and feared he would be sent back to a brutal regime in Bahrain.

After a massive diplomacy effort and viral social media campaign, Hakeem is finally coming home and escaping a torturous regime in Bahrain.

Last night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the 25-year-old would be on his way back home to Melbourne.

"We would like … to thank and show our appreciation to the Thai Government for the decision that they have taken today," Mr Morrison told reporters.

"We greatly respect the process that they have had to work through and we greatly appreciate their listening to the issues that have been raised by our Government and many others.

He’s expected to be back in Australia with his family sometime today.


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