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Aussie Facing Drug Charges In Bali Could See Death Penalty

A Brisbane accountant has been hospitalised in Bali after being paraded around in front of the media by police wearing an orange jumpsuit and with his face covered by a black balaclava.

Isaac Emmanuel Roberts, a self-confessed drug addict, is facing drug charges in the Indonesian country after being caught with 19.97 grams of meth and 14 ecstasy pills in his possession at the airport.

If convicted, local authorities believe that Mr Roberts could face the death penalty.

He faced the media yesterday along with two other men from Malaysia and the US who were arrested over separate allegations.

Mr Roberts was admitted to Trajata police hospital yesterday evening after the press conference when his lawyer claimed that the he became unwell.

"He got sick. He was shocked after the press conference today. Maybe he never thought that he will be in the press conference," said Deni Sedana to News Corp Australia.

Roberts believes that it is "ridiculous" that he has been arrested and claims that he was "set up".

He claims that customs knew he would bring "something" into the country after being invited to Indonesia by someone who works with a customs officer.

"I'm just a f***ing addict," he said as he was escorted out of the media conference.

"They want to waste resources on addicts, they want to punish addicts, this is ridiculous.

"I wasn't going to sell it to anyone here, no one was going to use it here. This is ridiculous. This is an embarrassment."

Mr Roberts, who worked for a large Melbourne accounting firm back in Queensland, flew on Thai Airways from Bangkok, Thailand to Bali and arrived on December 4 when his bags were searched.

Indonesia has strict anti-drug laws and the charges facing Mr Roberts carry the maximum penalty of death.

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