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The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show Starts June 4

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show lands on Gold104.3 on Monday June 4.

To get you ready for Melbourne's biggest ever 'Radio Revolution'...

(Humour us, it sounds catchier than saying 'Get you ready for the new bloke')

Here's 10 random facts about Christian we think you need to know:

1 - Asking him to arrange your wedding is fraught with risk.
2 - His idea of 'valuables' is questionable...
3 - He's got big hands.
4 - His dog has a passport!
5 - His wife trusts him to do the shopping (kind of)...
6 - When it comes to going to the movies... He's a rebel!
7 - He isn't adverse to a bit of bribery...
8 - He's not afraid to cry!
9 - Dogs don't trust him!
10 - Sometimes he overshares...

If none of that scares you off, follow Christian's path to Australia here! 

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