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Temperatures Are Set To SIZZLE Over 40 Degrees Today

We were promised a heatwave this week and a heatwave is just what we're about to get today with parts of Victoria set to soar to temperatures of 40C and above.

Gusty winds are also expected as the heat is pushed over from Western Australia, putting the risk of fire danger into the severe range.

The Bureau of Meteorology is reporting that the hottest temperature is expected to hit Mildura with a top of 43C.

Parts of northwest Victoria can also expect to see heat of more than 40C as the state experience the hottest day of Summer so far.

Melbourne is likely to only reach 37C and other parts of the state will also hit the high 30s.

"Northerly winds are expected to become quite gusty over western and central parts of the state and that will drive fire dangers into the severe (category) across the Mallee and Wimmera," said Senior Meteorologist Rod Dickson.

"But it will be a short-lived heat event for Victoria with a cool change moving into the west of the state during the late afternoon."

People are being told to take precautions against the heat today including drinking plenty of water, staying out of the sun when possible and making sure all pets have access to cool places and water.

Parents are also being warned not to leave children in the car as it could put their lives at extreme risk. On a 30 degree day, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach 70 degrees.

The heat won't last through the night though and you should be able to get some sleep after 9pm when temperatures drop down to around 10C.

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