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Sasha The Labrador Has Been Returned To Croydon Hills Family

News headlines are often filled with sad and serious stories, and so it's nice when something heartwarming comes along and makes us smile.

Such is the case with the latest news on Sasha, an 8-week-old Labrador puppy who was stolen from a home in Croydon Hills on Monday morning.

We are pleased to report that Sasha has been returned safely to her family and they couldn't be happier to be reunited.

The puppy was safely returned to the house overnight, presumably by the thieves, in the cover of darkness.

The family had previously said that they had only had their puppy for a week when she was taken.

Ryan Hood, Elena Sardi and their four-year-old daughter Maya had been devastated by the incident, saying that Maya and Sasha had formed a close bond.

"They picked each other. They've been inseparable," said Ms Sardi.

"They've been sleeping (together) in the dog's bed for a week."

And while hearts had broken for little Maya and Sasha across Melbourne, this story has ended happily with the girl and her little puppy finally being reunited.

Happy Thursday!

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