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Allegations That Bombers Reached Out To Underworld Figure

The Bombers doping saga just won't go away, with News Corp reporting allegations that the club reached out to underworld figure Mick Gatto in hopes that the 61-year-old Melbourne identity could uncover information relating to the peptides scandal.

The Herald Sun reports that two former Essendon employees - including dual premiership player Dean Wallis - made the claim as part of a Worksafe action against the club.

In addition to the Gatto revelations, the pair also claimed to have removed emails and covered up fraud, cocaine use and sexual harassment.

"I have been scapegoated in relation to the supplement program, while others at the club have been covering up the use of cocaine, sexual harassment and fraudulent behaviour," Wallis, also a former assistant coach at the club, alleged in his statement.

The meeting with Gatto was allegedly to obtain information from Shane Charter, the former bodybuilder linked to Stephen Dank who decided not to give evidence to an anti-doping tribunal at the last minute.

"In November 2014 I was asked ... to set up a meeting off-site with Mr Mick Gatto, who was an external well-known dispute resolution specialist,'' Elliott alleged.

"The purpose of the meeting was in regard to obtaining information from Mr Shane Charter, who was a supplier to Mr Stephen Dank."

Essendon boss Lindsay Tanner dismissed the allegations as the acts of 'disgruntled ex-employees'.

"Two disgruntled ex-employees have made a number of false and unsubstantiated allegations against the club," Tanner said.

"Allegations of ... dealings with Mick Gatto are false. Inappropriate demands and threats made upon Essendon Football Club have been reported to the AFL Integrity Department and on its advice, Victoria Police have been contacted."


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