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Allegations Of Horse Doping Before The Melbourne Cup

In allegations that have sent shock waves though the horse racing industry, there are reports that some of the sports top trainers have been involved in doping horses without being detected by officials.

Reports by News Corp claim to have obtained a series of potentially damaging text messages accusing elite trainers of doping horses before major events including the prestigious Melbourne Cup.

The texts reveal the trainers allegedly for a number of years have avoided security measures put in place by Racing Victoria by doping horses with the performance enhancing substance sodium bicarbonate.

Commonly referred to as "milkshakes" in racing circles, sodium bicarbonate can increase a horse's stamina by buffering lactic acid build-up in the muscles if given to the animal just hours before a race.

The practice is banned from horse racing right across Australia.

The trainers involved in the doping are also accused of betting on the horses they have given milkshakes.

This latest revelation comes after last month the Herald Sun reported that five trainers and three stable employees had been charged with 271 counts of illegal offences after a marathon seven year investigation into systematic doping.

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