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Outcry Over Aldi's Safety After A Toddler's Fall

Aldi are set to trial seat belts in shopping trolleys after an angry mum claimed that her nine-month-old son was lucky to escape head injuries after he fell out of an Aldi shopping trolley and hit his head. 

Claire O'Callaghan was horrified when her little boy launched himself out of the trolley and smashed his head on the hard floor. Thankfully her son was wearing a hood, which cushioned his fall. 

Claire warns that the seats are an "accident waiting to happen" 

The incident occurred weeks after another mum set up an online petition demanding Aldi change the design of the trolley child seats.


Aldi are now set to trial seat belts in their shopping trolleys at a store in Chelmsford, England after a large campaign to improve safety for families. 

“If this leads to positive steps then that’s really good...I’m not looking for compensation or anything – I just want change.” said Jodie. 

Aldi are yet to comment on whether their Australian stores are likely to follow suit with this trial. 

Do you think seatbelts should be added to trolleys in Australia? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Source: The Sun

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