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A Teenage Boy Has Been BEATEN UP And Had His Phone Stolen

A mother of a boy who was violent attacked and had his phone stolen inside a Melbourne shopping centre has spoken out about the incident.

Jasmine Moey’s son had watched a movie at Highpoint in Maribyrnong when he and a friend went to the toilet on Friday at about 7:15 pm.

Ms Moey told Melbourne radio that once the two 14-year-old boys were in the loos, they were attacked by eight teens.

Her son was bashed and robbed.

"He was punched in the left eye. There was eight of them in the cubicle, and they were attacking his friend as well in the other corner."

Before they took the phone, the teens allegedly made her son unlock it and turn off Find My iPhone, which tracks where the phone would be.

Ms Moey said that although two other people were in the loos, ‘nobody helped’.

Police are investigating the robbery.

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