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A Suspicious Van Has Been Approaching Kids in Melbourne

"Strange men" in Melton have reportedly been filming and approaching schoolchildren, making parents deeply concerned about their children's welfare and privacy. 

The Herald Sun is reporting a silver mini-van with interstate number platers parked itself at the intersection of Clarkes Rd and Botanica Springs Blvd on Sunday and Monday mornings.

One mother saw three men "lurking" near the van:

“One man had a big camera like the ones news crews have but less high-tech and I saw him yelling at kids and motioning for them to come towards him,” she said.

“It was strange the way he was doing it.

“One man was leaning against the van and seemed to be texting and the other man was in the backseat and also seemed to be texting.”

“The kids were being approached, walking away and then going back to the man again like they were being coached to do something,” she said.

“I’ve got kids of my own so this was freaking me out.

“It’s really scary because this road is absolutely packed with kids and buses going to school every morning.”

She wasn't the only one, another mother said:

“I saw the man with the camera got one boy to walk towards him and then he started filming,” she said.

“The world is crazy these days so you just never know what they were up to, but I know if I was a parent and had my children walking down that road and being filmed I would want those people filming to ring me and to get my permission.”

Police have been made aware of the van but were unable to locate the van and the number plates weren't found on a database. 

Nearby schools Wedge Park Primary, Catholic Regional College and St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary are nearby schools whose students often use the intersection as a student thoroughfare. 

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