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A New Law Is Being Introduced In Melbourne From Next Week

Smoking will be banned from the majority of outdoor dining areas in Melbourne from next week.

Anyone who ignores the ban could be fined up to $777, with businesses being fine $7773. From August 1, smokers will be banished from all footpath dining areas, pub courtyards and beer gardens where any food is being served.

However, smoking will be allowed in restaurants and pubs with real estate that allows a four-metre buffer between smokers and diners.

Smoking will also be permitted when food is not being served unless the venue owner decides to ban smoking entirely.

If you usually have a smoke with your coffee, you can still do this but there must be no food being served at the time, or within four metres of you.

Smoking will also still be allowed if snacks but not meals are being served.

The government defines a snack as "pre-packaged shelf-stable food" that does not require any preparation prior to serving.

That includes pre-packaged potato crisps, nuts and chocolate bars. Hot chips and pre-packaged sandwiches are not considered snacks.

Victoria banned smoking indoors at pubs and restaurants in 2007 and it was banned around schools, hospitals, courts and police stations in April.

We are the final state to impose the new ban and lag well behind Queensland and Western Australia who imposed the ban in 2006.

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