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A HUGE Problem With Melbourne's Public Transport Discovered

More than 30 Melbourne buses have been ordered off the streets after they were deemed unroadworthy.

Transport Safety Victoria ordered an emergency safety inspection at bus contractor Transdev’s Doncaster and North Fitzroy depots on September 11 and 12 after routine tests by VicRoads found safety breaches with 33 buses.

Leader newspapers is reporting that Transdev managing director Warwick Horsley told employees the company would now carry out checks on its entire fleet of more than 500 buses.

“We will continue to work closely with TSV to assess the remainder of our fleet for any defects, as well as any issues with our maintenance procedures,” he said.

The company — which operates 30 per cent of Melbourne’s buses — was forced to withdraw 33 buses from service.Stuart Mackenzie, a member of the Manningham Integrated Transport Committee, said the safety issue was another concern for commuters already grappling with crowded and vandalised buses.

“They’re already under pressure with services so they wouldn’t be in a rush to take any off the roads, once in a blue moon I see a brand new bus but not very often so they’re probably starting to show their age,” he said.

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