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Uber Just Made It HEAPS Cheaper To Travel In Melbourne

Get ready to book an Uber this weekend! They have just slashed their prices in Melbourne.

In reaction to Melbourne getting it's own 24 hour transport system at the weekend, Uber have slashed their prices by 15% in the worlds most liveable city.

In a statement posted to their website this morning, Uber claims the price reduction is great for both riders and drivers as it will mean an increased demand resulting in more rides for more drivers, which means more cash.

The move has reportedly made drivers angry with some threatening strike action, according to 'The Age'.

The service is still not yet legal in Victoria, but it continues to operate as no action has been taken.

The price cut means that the service will now be $1 per KM meaning a journey from Brunswick to the City will be $10, while city to the airport is now $42.

I'm going to the airport for fun.

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