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Passenger Got The Fright Of Their Life After Seeing THIS

When it comes to air travel, I'm sure everyone has their own version of a horror story. The turbulence was unbearable, the seats were too crowded, the toilet was broken...pretty much any of these would drive a person crazy!

Especially on a long flight when you're stuck in a pretty cramped space thousands of feet in the air with no escape possible! You can tell I love flying...

But imagine getting on a plane, thinking that you were about to experience the best flight of your life, only to be knocked down to reality by something so utterly traumatic.

This is what happened to Jessie Char from San Francisco when she boarded her flight and realised that she had scored a completely empty row of seats!

Any frequent flyer would know that this is pretty much the epitome of flying!

You didn't pay for first class but that's pretty much what you get, and no doubt thoughts of reclining along all three seats and sleeping the flight away entered Jessie's mind when she realised her luck.

But these happy thoughts soon came crashing down when a passenger in the row behind had similar ideas about utilising the extra space...

Imagine sitting in your seat, minding your own business, listening to a bit of peaceful music and just starting to relax after the take off, when suddenly, a pair of swollen, smelly FEET appear on the arm rests next to you!!


Yep her perfect flight that she had dreamed of immediately turned into a nightmare.

But the utterly disgusting incident didn't stop there! Oh no, those feet weren't just there to relax. In fact the passenger in question used their feet to OPEN THE WINDOW!

I'm sure all people who hate feet are trying to stop themselves from gagging at this point...

But seriously who would do something like this? I don't even feel comfortable enough on planes to recline my seat backwards with the fear I might bother the person behind me!

Ugghhh give me squishy seating and turbulence anyday over this!

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