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This Is What Australia Will Be Like IN 2050

There is always that group of people that thinks they know exactly what our world will look like in the future.

And I mean, if we take the predictions from the movie 'Back To The Future' for example, some of the expectations are completely far fetched (did they really think we would be riding around in flying cars and wearing clothes that can dry themselves in 2015?).

But then there were those prophecies that were so accurate that it was kind of when they predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series...and they actually did go on to win...having not won since 1908...CREEPY RIGHT!

Along with other correct predictions like self-lacing Nike sneakers, portable tablet computers and hoverboards (even though not every kid on the street owns one).

Basically, the point of this ramble is to show that it IS POSSIBLE for "the experts" to anticipate what our world will look like years into the future.

And now some tech experts and dedicated futurists have come forward with a picture of what our lives will look like by 2050...and it's kind of really FREAKING US OUT!

Here are the BIG predictions that we should be on the lookout for.

1. Get ready for artificial intelligence to take over our planet because your boss could be a legit computer

If you didn't think your boss was already scary enough, imagine a self-improving artificial lifeform metaphorically breathing down your neck all day.

And with the ever-accelerating rate of technological innovation this is a serious possibility, with renowned futurist and digital consultant Chris Riddell saying, "People won't report exclusively to humans" by 2050 and we will be allocated an array of jobs by intelligent computing systems.

2. On a similar wave-length, we will also be able to have robot-human relationships

Forget having to tell your robot partner to put the toilet seat down or wash the dishes, because our cyborg partners will be able to be programed into the perfect spouse...we told you it would be creepy!

3. Our roads will be filled with autonomous cars thanks to drone technology

The futurists are saying that eventually cars and drones will be one in the same and those who actually want to use their steering wheel will have to pay a pricey fee for a special license...hmm maybe never having to drive in traffic again is something we can get on board with.

4. Virtual reality systems will be indistinguishable from reality

Virtual and augmented reality systems will be widespread with Mr. Riddell saying, "soon we won't be able to tell the difference between virtual and true experiences."

This will mean the invention of a major new job industry of 'experience architects' who will tailor-make these virtual worlds for us to roam in.

5. An increase in population will add serious stress to our environment

Of course we all know about the issues of climate change, but with Australia's population expected to hit 40 million people in 2050, we are likely to experience a LOT of severe weather events and unforeseen problems with our natural environment.

So that's what we can expect in the year 2050...Maybe that one way trip to Mars isn't looking so bad after all.

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