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This Is How Many Bad Days You'll Have Every Year

We hope every day will be a good day, but apparently there are a number of days in a year that are guaranteed to be lousy. 

Recent stats reveal that of every 365 days in a year, 60 of them are likely to be rubbish. That's around 2 months worth of crap days!

The survey of 2000 people indicated that the top reasons for a day being bad. 

The number one cause is work related stresses, with a whopping 80% of those surveyed revealing that a bad work day can spoil their entire mood. 

Next up was sleep issues at 67%, followed by canceled plans at 34%. (Who doesn't secretly love when plans are cancelled and you get more me-time though?!)

Other major causes for bad days were bad hair days, sickness and financial stress.

Most interestingly, the survey also revealed how people tend to cope when they're having a bad day. 50% of people said they turn to junk food, while 34% of people turn to alcohol. 


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