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This Booster Seat Will Change Dining Out With Your Toddler

(Image: Bombol)

Dining out with your toddler can be stressful at the best of times, especially when the restaurant doesn't have a booster seat or high chair for your tot.

Imagine if there was a seat that could go with you anywhere, fold-up, put in your baby bag and be used in a car, at a restaurant or even in the comfort of your own home.

{Insert delighted face here} Well, have we got the product for YOU! 

The Bombol 'Pop-Up Booster' is a folding origami style seat with a series of straps that keep it in place and can be installed in a matter of moments.

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(Images: Bombol)

According to the website: The pop-up booster is "the most portable and versatile booster on the market, designed to fit almost all chair designs. Pop it up to give your child a comfy, secure seat at any table". 

For the messy eater, i.e. your little munchkin, the seat is covered by a specialised protector that ensures the actual seat remains clean. Genius.

The seat costs $183.00 AUD which you may think is little exxy, but can you really put a price on convenience?

Find out more about the booster seat here and watch it come to life in a video by the guys at Fatherly.

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