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Kmarts New Range Is Actually The Best Thing

This new range at Kmart is perfect for kids and adults alike.

We couldn’t love it anymore.

The chain has launched a brand new campaign and a catalogue filled with heaps of toys to try and get the kids off their video games and iPads without breaking the bank.

With prices starting at just 75 cents for a bubble wand, you really can’t go wrong.

Other great products include a cricket set for $5, jumping ball for $6 and gladiator sticks for $7.


“Getting kids outdoors and becoming more active is so important and we see a real trend towards outdoor products as parents strive to limit the amount of screen time their children are exposed to,” Kmart’s Kids Business Manager, Gerry Phelan has told KidSpot.

“As a family-focused retailer, our aim is to make all toys more affordable for Australian families. In the outdoor segment, we have launched a big range of sports-based outdoor toys which have been popular including cricket bats, baseball bats, basketball and archery sets, and a great range of kites.”

You can see everything they have, here.

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