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Kmarts New Range Has Left People Pretty Angry!

Looks like Kmart’s new range isn’t quite what people wanted.

It’s pretty common that we all wear darker colours in winter and brighter colours in summer but by the looks of it, Kmart’s new women’s range has gone to a whole new level.

A Gold Coast woman has posted on Facebook saying ‘’It’s pretty well known that people wear brighter colours in summer and stick to a darker palette in winter, but Kmart’s latest women’s collection is taking that to a whole new level.

Posting to Facebook, the shopper said:

Mayyyybe Kmart could possibly expand its colour palette for the autumn/winter range? I mean I do love grey but seriously

#50shadesofgrey #justnotaskinky’’


Other social media commenters loved it but some hated it as well.

As someone who lives in black… I am fine with it.

A spokesperson for Kmart has told The Daily Mail:

“Our in-house design team have a great range of colours for this season to compliment grey and black tones; these include misty rose, maroon, khaki green and denim blue."

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