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Kmart Have Just Announced Something Pretty Amazing

Kmart managing director Ian Bailey has fired his first shot at Amazon.

The department store manager has told that when the e-commerce giant comes down under later this year.. they will be able to beat them.

The budget department store has just launched a new ‘mega factory’ in Indonesia, following their huge winning streak across Australia in the last few years.

Bailey told “Our goal will be to be at or below Amazon.  think the question will be whether they match us or not.’’

Kmart has become successful because they are consistently low-priced in comparison to their rivals, including close stablemate Target.

The product range Kmart have is 80 per-cent home brand, which makes it possible to keep their prices lower than everywhere else.

“On the price front we’re pretty aggressive,” Mr Bailey said. “We keep dropping our prices because we know it’s great for customers, and makes it difficult for our competitors to match us.”

The chain’s best defence against Amazon, he said, was to “be the best Kmart we can be”, while striving for its “ambitious” goal of doubling in size within the next five years.

We can’t wait to see what they have to offer us!

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