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Kmart Has A $35 Hand Held Steamer Better Than Your Iron

There are times when getting out the iron, putting up the ironing board and doing a whole load of clothes you've put off for weeks can be super painful.

Your ironing board may or may not stay up for days after, and you may forget to actually put the iron away because after use it's too hot.

Behold, your new best friend - the Kmart Hand Held Garment Steamer. 


(Image: Kmart)

Not only is this product small and light, it's robust, tough and only $35 buckaroos!

The steamer is quick and easy to use.

Just hang your fave top, dress or pants up on a doorknob or rail, fill up the steamer's water tank, wait thirty seconds and then aim the steamer towards the fabric. Voila. Crease be gone.

You're welcome.


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